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Timbercity Woodstock - Kitchen Worktops - Postform Formica

POSTFORM formica

Timbercity Woodstock - Kitchen Worktops - Solid Wood

Solid Wood

Timbercity Woodstock - Kitchen Worktops - Formica

Formica tops

Timbercity Woodstock - Kitchen Worktops - Red Grandice

Red Grandice

Looking for the perfect kitchen worktop to suit your unique style and taste? At Timbercity Woodstock, we have a wide variety of kitchen worktops to choose from, from Solid Wood to the new Squareline Formica Gloss Worktops.

The Solid Wood Worktops are ideal for staining and paint techniques to give you a lovely aged feel and are available in Red Grandice, Oak and Pine. The tops are 30mm thick and 600mm wide and are available in lengths from 1.8m to 3.6m.

The Formica Lifeseal Kitchen Worktops come in a variety of finishes. Choose from the granite-look finishes to numerous wood grain-look finishes. The Lifeseal tops are available in 600mm and 900mm widths and 3.6m lengths.

Timbercity Woodstock - Supplier PG Bison

Click here to see more on PG Bison’s range of colours and finishes.

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